Franz Schubert: Symphony nº 9 in C major

Franz Schubert ( 1797 - 1828 )
Franz Schubert: Symphony nº 9 in C major
Preu: 12,04 €
TD00101 Orquestra de Cadaqués - Jaime Martín, director
60 Minuts
Andante - Allegro ma non troppo Andante conmoto Scherzo (Allegro Vivace) Finale (Allegro vivace)


  1. Rafael Juan Poveda Jabonero - RITMO 30 de novembre de 2001

    "El director brinda un disco disfrutable"

  2. Andrew Achenbach - GRAMOPHONE 30 de novembre de 2001

    I’ve already sung the praises of flautist-turnedconductor Jaime Martín in his Tritó coupling devoted to Catalan composers Juli Garreta and Eduardo Toldrà (4/13), and now find much to like in his recording of Schubert’s Great C major Symphony. Not only is he laudably attentive to the spirit and text of this mighty edifice (unless I’m mistaken, every repeat is observed), he draws some highly personable, beautifully blended and exquisitely turned playing from the Orquestra de Cadaqués (founded in 1988 for the eponymous music festival). Martín’s pacing is spot-on, his approach admirably unmannered. He also possesses a keen ear and is judicious in matters of balance (I particularly enjoyed the trombones’ tasteful contribution throughout), and the whole performance radiates a nourishing sense of proportion, dedication and grace that are very endearing (the Trio section has a gentle swing and delicious poise about it that cannot fail to lift the spirits). Collectors weaned on old-school masters such as Toscanini (especially his blisteringly eloquent 1941 Philadelphia account), Mengelberg, Walter, Furtwängler, Konwitschny, Munch, Szell, Boult, Krips, Kubelík, Wand and Haitink may find it all a wee bit polite (I’m thinking in particular of the seismic climax of the slow movement), but I for one am happy to have made this lithe and fresh-faced newcomer’s acquaintance. Glowingly engineered in the Auditorio de Zaragoza (which evidently boasts a very kind acoustic), this strikes me as well worth hunting down.

  3. RITMO - desembre 2014 22 de març de 2017
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  4. GRAMOPHONE - febrer 2015 22 de març de 2017
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