A Pleasing Agreeable Style:Joan Pla & Carles Baguer - Flute Duets

Carles Baguer (1768 - 1808) (bio)
Joan Pla (1720 - 1761) (bio)

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World premiere recording of duets by flute Carles Baguer, Catalan composer active during the second half of the eighteenth century and organist of the Cathedral of Barcelona.

These duets have been copied from the handwritten source. It just were available through some copies of the Monastery of Montserrat .

The Joan Pla duets exists in an edition from the eighteenth century. In this recording, Marco Brolli and Joan Bosch, use historic instruments; flutes of one to six keys based on a model by Karl August Grenser and tuned to 430 Hz
[First world recording]

Genre:Instrumental, Chamber
Period:Baroque Music, Classical Music
Composer:Carles Baguer (1768 - 1808) (bio)
Joan Pla (1720 - 1761) (bio)
Artist/s:Marco Brolli, Joan Bosch - traversos
Duration:70 min
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2013
Content:Joan Pla (ca. 1720 - ca.1775)
1-3. Sonata VI en Sol Major (II-6)
4-6. Sonata III en Si menor (II-3)
7-8. Sonata IV en Do major (II-4)

10-12. Sonata II en Sol major (II-2)
13-15. Sonata I en Re major (II-1)
16-18. Sonata V en Mi menor (II-5)

Carles Baguer (1768-1808)
19-20. Duet II en Re major
21-22. Duet IV en Re major
23-24. Duet I en Do major
25-26. Duet V en Sol/Do Major
27-28. Duet VI en Sol major
29-30. Duet III en Fa major
31-32. Duet VIII en Re major
33-34. Duet VII en Sol major
A Pleasing Agreeable Style:Joan Pla & Carles Baguer - Flute Duets
Carles Baguer,
Joan Pla

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