TR00783 Tritó
This first edition of the eight duets is based on the aforesaid manuscript held in the music archive at the Abbey of Montserrat (shelf mark MAM 1087, 1-4). It had been rather scrappily copied and it required a meticulous process of reconstruction, which the musicologyst Josep DolcetI carried out in conjunction with the flutists Marco Brolli and Joan Bosch, who were also responsible for its first sound recording A pleasing Agreeable Style (Tritó, TD0099). It was often necessary to decipher the copyist’s untidy writing and the absence or irregularity of the phrasing and articulations, but the main challenge of the editing was to approximately balance the distribution of the musical discourse between the two flutes. In fact, the copyist puts them both together on a single stave and although the voices are sometimes specified it seems that there should be a much greater interchange in the lead role than indicated in the manuscript. We think we have made the right choice in our alternate distribution of the melodic and accompanying fragments.

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