Carles Baguer´s Orquestral Music Vol. III (simphonies Num: 13th, 14th and 15th)

Carles Baguer ( 1768 - 1808 )
Musicological reviser
Josep Maria Vilar
TR00160 0200-2000 - archi
15 Minutes
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Work of the "Eighteeth Cadaqués Orchestra International Conducting Competition’s Repertoire".
The three symphonies in this volume follow structural procedures commonly found in Baguer’s works: a fast movement in sonata form, a slow movement (andante or adagio) usually in binary form or a theme and variations in the same key or a closely related one, a minuet and trio, and a closing movement in either sonata form or a rondo. The choice of key in Baguer’s music has a thematic or structural influence, so it is not surprising that similarities of all kinds abound in these three E flat major Symphonies.

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