Nadal al Pi
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DD02609 Mireia López, soprano - Soledad Sánchez, mezzo - Laia López, alto - Josep Martí, Joan Ramon Sabaté, Jo Tzschenscher, tenores - Sergi López, Joan Planas, bajos
Capella de Música de Santa María del Pi
The group of vocal music, which is being know starting in 1990 as Chapel Music Choir of Santa Maria del Pi is a refoundation of a predecessor chapel choir, which had a documented activity between 1632 and 1936. The Capella de Música de Santa María del Pi ha estado dirigida entre 1994 y 2005 por Manel Cabero had been conducted between 1994 and 2005 by Manuel Cabero, who consolidated the restauration of the choir after the refoundation by David Malet and Jordi Sacasas, with the intention to form a chamber choir which preferably interprets ancient music. Actually the functions of musical and artistic direction are being assumed by Josep Martí i Montoliu as Kapellmeister.