Carles Baguer’s Orchestral Music, vol. V (Two bassoon concerto in F)

Carles Baguer ( 1768 - 1808 )
Musicological reviser
Josep Maria Vilar
DT00430 2fg solo - 0200-2000 - archi
10 Minutes
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The bulk of the orchestral production by Carles Baguer is comprised of symphonies, but there are also works for solo instruments as the Concerto for Enflish horn, the violin Symphony and the concert for two bassoons. With its textures, rhythms and colorful, instrumentations the concertant symphony is light music, reminiscent of the divertimento. Another of its features is its scarce use of the minor mode, much less than in other instrumental genres of Classicism, where its use was already relatively low. As in the other published volumes of Carles Baguer’s orchestral works, we have tried to present the score as free as possible from indications with regard to the edition. Thus, without renouncing a critical edition, in order to make the real content of the original source clear and easy to follow, and to separate out what we have added or modified, we have moved all of these elements to the critical notes, preceding the score.