Jesús Torres

Zaragoza ( 1965 )

Jesús Torres was born in Saragossa on 15 July 1965 of Andalusian descent, and lives in Madrid since he was ten years old. Born into a family with a long musical tradition, he started learning the violin wiht his uncle José Torres and later entered the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid where he received his academic background. He studied composition privately with Francisco Guerrero from 1986 to 1988. His catalogue expands for over hundred works and includes fourteen orchestral works and numerous works of chamber music for the most varied tiped of ensembles. A special interest of his is setting texts to music, above all the poetry of Vicente Aleixandre, alongside that of other literary figures including San Juan de la Cruz, Rubén Darío, Miguel Hernández, Juan Eduardo Cirlot and Leopoldo Panero. His pieces have been performed in numerous countries at festivals and in concert series, including at the Venice Biennale, Musica 99 Strasbourg, Musikfestspiele Saar, Ars Musica Brussels, Prèsences 2000 of Radio France, the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, the Khumo Festival, the SIMC Festival in Copenhagen and Bucharest, Festival de


Jesús Torres

For Chamber ensembles

El olvidoMixed Duet
Sonata for flute and pianoSoloist and Piano
DoubleMixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
PoéticaString Trio
Hijo mío (bariton)Soloist and Piano
Double IISmall Ensembles
TenebraeSaxophone Quartet
SubtiliorSaxophone Quartet
ConstelacionesGuitar Quartet
EncuentrosSaxophone Quartet
Dúo IIMixed Duet
Hijo mío (tenor)Soloist and Piano
Llama de amor vivaMixed Duet
Itzal II fors two ccordionsMixed Duet
Nocturno, for violin and guitarMixed Duet
Nocturno, para flauta y guitarraMixed Duet
Trio for oboe, cello and pianoMixed Trio
Fulgor, for clarinet, violin and pianoMixed Trio
Sappho, for flute, cello and pianoMixed Trio
Malagueña ausenteMixed Trio
Altera bestiaWind Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
String trioString Trio
AccentusSoloist and Piano
DanaePercussion Ensemble
CobraMixed Duet
TrioPiano trio
FugacePiano Quartet
Duo for Oboe and HarpMixed Duet
Woodwinds quartetWoodwind Quartet
CantoString Duet
EpisodiosMixed Quintet
Fantasía para clarinete y pianoSoloist and Piano
Fantasía para viola y pianoSoloist and Piano
Masques2 Pianos - 4 hands
Unidad en ellaMixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Soneto del amor oscuroMixed Quartet
Variations for cello and pianoMixed Duet
ProteusPercussion Ensemble
Winternacht, for two violinsString Duet
DecemPiano trio
Cuentos de Andersen (Andersen’s Tales)Piano Quartet
Noche oscuraSoloist and Piano
NíniveMixed Duet
El misterio del aguaMixed Trio
Manantial de luzMixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Sonata a trePercussion Ensemble
Quinteto con clarineteString Quartet
Quartet with oboeString Trio
AccantoPercussion Ensemble
AquelarreMixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
String QuartetString Quartet
Madre, madreSoloist and Piano
SplendensMixed Trio
ArgosPercussion Ensemble

For Orchestra

Concert for piano and orchestraFull Orchestra
Concert for accordion and orchestraFull Orchestra
Concerto for percussion and orchestraOrchestra
Clarinet concertFull Orchestra
Transfiguración. Double concert for cello, accordion and string orchestraString Orchestra
Cinco momentos de MedeaFull Orchestra
TránsitoFull Orchestra
CrepuscularFull Orchestra
Libro de los secretosFull Orchestra
Partita for 15 instrumentsChamber Orchestra
La tumba de AntígonaFull Orchestra
La máscara de la Muerte RojaFull Orchestra
DiferenciasChamber Orchestra
MovimientoFull Orchestra
SinfoníaFull Orchestra
III Moviment of the Symphony Extático, for string orchestraString Orchestra
FaustoFull Orchestra
Evocación de Miguel HernándezFull Orchestra
Tres pinturas velazqueñasFull Orchestra
SonetosFull Orchestra

Solo Instrument

Laberinto de silenciosPiano
Semejante a la nochePiano Solo
Cadencias, for acordeonAccordion
Dos canciones del marChoir
La catedral de cristalHarp
Duet II for sax and marimbaBaritone Saxophone
ÁnimaAlto Recorder
Ofrenda, for bass clarinetBass Clarinet
Silentium AmorisOboe
Preludes I-IVPiano Solo
CadenzaPiano Solo
La melancolíaPiano Solo
MementoPiano Solo
PresenciasPiano Solo
TroposBass Clarinet
Songs for EnriqueChoir
WasserfallPiano Solo
... i l’infant dormPiano Solo
Piezas místicasViola
Piezas íntimasPiano Solo
ÉpodoTenor Saxophone
El lamentoViolin
Umbrales de sombraGuitar
Piano Solo
Paseo de los tristesPiano Solo


Concerto for violín and orchestra
Cuarteto con piano
Canciones de Aleixandre

Latest News

Jesús Torres
Jesús Torres, in-house composer, wins the 2012 Spanish National Music Prize. Congratulations!

Jesús Torres, in-house composer, wins the 2012 Spanish National Music Prize. Congratulations!

The in-house composer, Jesus Torres, has just been awarded the 2012 Spanish National Prize for Music in the composition category by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
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Our composers in the 2012/2013 CNDM season

Our composers in the 2012/2013 CNDM season

Works by Jesús Torres, Gabriel Erkoreka and Jesús Rueda on the 2012-2013 CNDM season.
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“El libro de los secretos” (The Book of Secrets): the world premiere and it’s for everyone

“El libro de los secretos” (The Book of Secrets): the world premiere and it’s for everyone

EL libro de los secretos (The book of secrets) by Jesús Torres will be premiered. Three important broadcast stations will air these concerts.
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