Musicological reviser
Águeda Pedrero-Encabo
TR00870 harpsichord
Águeda Pedrero-Encabo
The sonatas in E M and M have been known through adaptations made by Enric Granados in 1905. After several attempts at reconstruction and studies around these parts this is the first critical edition of these sonatas. Moreover, following the emergence of another sonata attributed to Domenico Scarlatti, is thought to include them in this publication.


  1. Martin Voortman 1st April 2016

    In this edition you will find some other sonatas attributable to Scarlatti: And the first sonata of this is even more Scarlattian than the third sonata of the Tritó edition. From the following edition the sonata in G major of Scarlatti was published years ago as sonata nr. 46 of Carlos Seixas. Tha Courcelle sonata is practically the same as that in A of the Tritó edition. see more information: Musica Hispana/ Erratas...

  2. Christopher Hail 10th January 2012

    This is a worthwhile publication, clearly presented and carefully edited, of three sonatas attributed to Domenico Scarlatti in 18th century manuscripts, with an informative essay by Pedrero-Encabo. Whether or not the works are by Scarlatti, they are attractive and should become wider known

  3. Salomé Bueno 23rd August 2011

    Desconocía la existencia de estas sonatas! Me alegro de saber que pueden adquirirse en edición crítica.