Isaac Albéniz

Camprodon ( 1860 ) - Cambo-les-bains ( 1909 )
Isaac Albéniz

A piano virtuoso and a composer whose works are a paradigm of Romanticism at its most exalted and powerful, Isaac Albéniz was constantly engaged in seeking a symbiosis between the exoticism of Spanish music and the most advanced tendencies of contemporary French music. In fact, he brought the nationalist aesthetic to universal heights with his great late works for piano, whose scope extends far beyond the folk-like anecdotal character of salon music.


Isaac Albéniz

For Chamber ensembles

Poèmes d’amourMixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
6 Italian balladsSoloist and Piano
Rimas de BécquerSoloist and Piano
Cançons francesesSoloist and Piano
To Nellie. 6 cançons per a veu i pianoSoloist and Piano
4 mélodiesSoloist and Piano
6 Cançons angleses per a veu i pianoSoloist and Piano
Besa el aura que gime blandamenteSoloist and Piano
Del salón en el ángulo oscuroSoloist and Piano
Me ha herido recatándose en la sombraSoloist and Piano
Cuando sobre el pecho inclinasSoloist and Piano
¿De dónde vengo...?Soloist and Piano
BarcarolaSoloist and Piano
La lontananzaSoloist and Piano
Una rosa in donoSoloist and Piano
Il tuo sguardoSoloist and Piano
Morirò!!Soloist and Piano
T’ho riveduta in sognoSoloist and Piano
Chanson de BarberineSoloist and Piano
CrépusculeSoloist and Piano
TristesseSoloist and Piano
Il en est de l’amour...Soloist and Piano
Conseil tenu par les ratsSoloist and Piano
HomeSoloist and Piano
CounselSoloist and Piano
May-Day SongSoloist and Piano
To NellieSoloist and Piano
A Song of ConsolationSoloist and Piano
A Song [Love comes to all!]Soloist and Piano
Art Thou Gone for Ever, Elaine?Soloist and Piano
A Song [Laugh at loving]Soloist and Piano
Will You Be Mine?Soloist and Piano
Separated!Soloist and Piano
The Caterpillar (La chenille)Soloist and Piano
The Gifts of the Gods (Les dons des dieux)Soloist and Piano
In Sickness and Health (Quand je te vois souffrir)Soloist and Piano
Paradise Regained (Le paradis retrouvé)Soloist and Piano
The Retreat (Le refuge)Soloist and Piano
Amor, Summa InjuriaSoloist and Piano

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Isaac Albéniz
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Tritó publishes an orchestration of

Tritó publishes an orchestration of "Granada" by Isaac Albéniz

Tritó Edicions publishes an orchestration by Albert Guinovart of this work for piano by Isaac Albéniz.

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Albéniz's The Magic Opal, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid

Albéniz's The Magic Opal, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid

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