F.Sor in London
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TD00033 Josep Maria Roger and Rumiko Harada, Four-Hand Fortepiano
69 Minutes
The waltzes and dances Sor composed for four-handed fortepiano reflect a time when dancing was a matter of great interest for London society, a social sphere Sor frequented both as a voice, guitar and piano tutor and as a performer at private concerts. Both the waltzes and the sonata are dedicated to ’ladies’. Such is the case of Mlle. Rehausen (Duet and 2nd set of waltzes), and the four Paget sisters, dedicatees of 3rd and 4th sets and habitués of society balls to whom Sor also dedicated the quadrille sets Les Favorites des Salons and Les Choisies for solo piano. The young ladies’ maternal grandmother, Sarah, Lady Jersey, dedicatee of a set of waltzes for fortepiano, was a leading hostess of society balls, and is attributed with introducing French quadrilles, which would become so fashionable in London. The music in these pieces seems to have been personalized according to the talents of the dedicatees. In general, Sor follows the criteria of a refined taste supported by a command of classical structure (three-part, ABA) and harmony and features of romanticism (melodic lyricism, popular airs, chords to create tension, etc.) which he knows how to pull out just in the moment of greatest effect, savoir faire and a vast natural talent.


  1. Arturo Reverter - EL CULTURAL 30th November 0001

    Los artistas Josep-Maria Roger y Rumiko Harada recrean con gusto y excelente aire ocho colecciones de tres valses.

  2. José Prieto Marugán - OPUS MÚSICA 30th November 0001

    Ambos [Josep María Roger y Kumiko Harada] nos ofrecen una visión distinguida y elegante como la que corresponde a este tipo de obras.

  3. Jorge de Persia - LA VANGUARDIA 30th November 0001

    Versiones estupendas que nos hablan de la riqueza de estos músicos herederos de la ilustración.

  4. Emili Blasco - CD COMPACT 30th November 0001

    Un disco interesante para reconocer un período de la historia de la música.

  5. EL CULTURAL, 8 de febrer del 2007 22nd March 2017
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  6. OPUS MÚSICA, abril del 2007 22nd March 2017
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  7. CULTURAS, La Vanguardia, 23 de maig de 2007 22nd March 2017
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  8. CD COMPACT - feb. 2007 22nd March 2017
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