Josep Dolcet

( 1961 - 2020 )
Josep Dolcet

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Josep Dolcet


Josep Dolcet

For Chamber ensembles

18 Dances of the XVIIIth centuryFlute Duet
Flute Concerto in B flat major (IV-2) (reduction for flute and piano)Soloist and Piano
Three Odes by AnacreonSoloist and Piano
Six Quintets for wind instrumentsWind Quintet
Intermezzo from the opera Goyescas (arrangement for trio)Piano trio
6 Sonates for flauta, violin and basso continuoSoloist and Piano
Fantasia for clarinetSoloist and Piano

For Orchestra

Overture for "Il barbiere di Siviglia"Full Orchestra
Flute Concerto in B flat major (IV-2)Chamber Orchestra
Intermezzo from the opera GoyescasFull Orchestra
Giuseppe riconosciuto, oratorio in three actsChamber Orchestra
Una cosa rara, OvertureFull Orchestra
Two motets a solo(Nocturna procella Plaudite populi)Full Orchestra
Oberture in F majorString Orchestra
Fantasia for clarinet (ochestral version)Full Orchestra
Concert for oboe in B flat majorChamber Orchestra
Symphony Nº. 1 in CFull Orchestra
Symphony Nº. 2 in E flatFull Orchestra
Symphony Nº. 3 in FFull Orchestra
Symphony Nº. 1 in G major "Oriental"Full Orchestra
Symphony Nº. 2 in D majorFull Orchestra
Symphony Nº 3 in B flat majorFull Orchestra
Symphony / Overture no. 4 in DFull Orchestra
Overture no. 5 in FFull Orchestra
Overture no. 7 in DFull Orchestra
Overture no. 6 in DFull Orchestra
Concert for 2 oboes or flutes in D majorString Orchestra
Suite IFull Orchestra
Suite IIIFull Orchestra
Suite IVFull Orchestra
La Elvira portuguesaFull Orchestra
Symphony núm. 10 in A majorFull Orchestra
Introduction to DafniString Orchestra
Sinfonia concertante op. 41Full Orchestra
Simfonia concertante, op. 47Full Orchestra
Overture from "La Elvira portuguesa"Orchestra
Aria to St. Peter: Pedro, cuanto has dejado por seguir a tu maestroChamber Orchestra