Jesús Rueda: Piano Music

Jesús Rueda ( 1961 )
Jesús Rueda: Piano Music
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DD01178 Ananda Sukarlan
62 Minutes
With symphonies, string quartets, chamber concertos, an opera and a large amount of piano music to his name, Jesús Rueda is one of Spain’s foremost living composers. Drawing on intensive studies of Chopin, Liszt, Ravel and Prokofiev, his piano compositions run the gamut from dazzling pyrotechnical displays, as in Mephisto, modelled on Liszt’s famous first waltz, and the two Sonatas, the second of which is influenced by jazz and Balinese Kecak dance rhythms, to the ravishingly sensuous tonal palette of the 24 Interludes and the relatively simple yet attractive Inventions for children. This is music which is not only highly individual in its blending of ’classical’ and contemporary elements but richly expressive and communicative.


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1. Mephisto

4. Invención nº17 Goldfingers

5.Invención nº 20 If you insist

6.Invención nº 21 The Happiest Seconds

7. Invención nº 23 Watch your steps

8. Invención nº 24 Inner piece

9. Invención nº 25 You talking to me

10. Invención nº 26 Modern Music!

11. Invención nº 29 To be continued

12.Piano sonata nº 2 Ketjak

15. Retrato

16. Grazioso

17. Corrrente

19. Canción de Cuna

20. Campo de estrellas

21. El segundo adios

22. Chopin

23. Seikilos

24. Niebla

25. Notturno in Bali


27. Fuego en tu mirada

28. Registros separados

29. Vision

30. Erótica


32. Berceuse

33. Deslizamientos

34. Omaggio

35. Sospeso

36. Toccata