This collection sheds light on the stylistic evolution of Iberian keyboard music. It shows part of the soundscape in a process of change which began with a highly modal language with the tiento as its highest expression and ended up with the sonata, embodiment par excellence of the tonal realm. The coexistence of old and new styles, which included a greater inclination towards tonality and the progressive abandonment of strict counterpoint, incipient classical ternary sonata schemes and imaginative passages in rhapsodic and emphatic style that touches on romanticism, is one of the aspects of this selection of works by Catalan keyboard composers.

Period:Classical Music, Romantic Music
Composer:Ramon Carnicer (1789 - 1855) (bio)
Josep Elies (1687 - 1755) (bio)
Joan Vila (1711 - 1791) (bio)
Josep Teixidor
Magí Pontí
Artist/s:Miquel González
Duration:68 min
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2009
Content:Josep Elies
Peça onzena, en forma de concert
Tocata dotzena
Joan Vila
Obra cromàtica de primer to punt alt
Josep Teixidor
Glosses sobre l’himne Sacris Solemnis
Ramon Carnicer
Sis sonates de Menorca
Magí Pontí
Ofertori per a orgue
Música d’orgue a Catalunya s. XVIII - s.XIX vol.II
Ramon Carnicer,
Josep Elies,
Joan Vila,
Josep Teixidor,
Magí Pontí

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