24 organ works

Josep Elies (1687 - 1755) (bio)

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The organist Josep Elies (c.1687- c.1755) occupies a very significant place in the music scene of xviiith century Spain. [...] Although it is true that his work was mentioned and admired by his contemporaries, and Father Soler himself admitted he learnt from it, it is clear we have only been acquainted with a small part of his output up till now. And we have to lament the loss of many of the works written by the numerous organists active at that time around Spain, something normal as regards the keyboard repertory from the Spanish Baroque period. For this reason Elies’ work gains importance, and specifically the location and transcription of this collection of twenty-four works supplements the meagreness of the surviving û and salvaged û repertory, in particular with regard to the first half of the XVIIIth century. (Águeda Pedrero-Encabo)

Instruments:Organ Solo
Ensembles:Solo Instrument
Genres:Classical Music
Period:Baroque Music
Composer:Josep Elies (1687 - 1755) (bio)
Instrumentation:org solo
Editorial preface:Águeda Pedrero-Encabo
Content:Pieza primera
Tocata [primera]
Pieza segunda
Tocata [segunda]
Pieza tercera
Tocata [tercera]
Pieza quarta
Tocata [cuarta]
Pieza quinta
Tocata [quinta]
Pieza sexta
Tocata [sexta]
Pieza séptima
Tocata [séptima]
Pieza octava
Tocata [octava]
Pieza novena
Tocata [novena]
Pieza dézima
Tocata [décima]
Pieza undécima
Tocata [undécima]
Pieza duodécima
Tocata [duodécima]
24 organ works
Josep Elies
Price: 30.68 €
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24 organ works by Josep Elies 30.68 €
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