Xavier Montsalvatge

Girona ( 1912 ) - Barcelona ( 2002 )

Xavier Montsalvatge is one of the most representitive names from the so-called "lost generation", between the one of the Spanish Republic and present-day composers. His work has had a large international projection and has become a reference point on the contemporary music scene. He first gained wide spread recognition in the 1940s with a set of songs called Cinco Canciones Negras (1945); they mark the beginning of a Post-Nationalistic period that later evolved into his so-called "Antilles style" featuring West Indian/Carribean stylistic traits. This is one of the common denominators in works like the Cuarteto Indiano (1951). The Concierto Breve (1953) for piano and orchestra points to the beginning of more abstract forms. The influence of Impressionism is present in the-Sonatine pour Ivette (1960)- or the use of serial-related techniques in the following works: Cinco Invocaciones al Crucificado (1969), Laberinto (1970) for orquestra, and Sonata Concertante for cello and piano (1971). Later the composer settled into a more eclectic style which seems to synthesize the rest of his production. This is found in his Concertos for harp (Conciert

Latest concerts

Xavier Montsalvatge


Xavier Montsalvatge

For Chamber ensembles

Arias for Berta, from the opera Babel 46Soloist and Piano
Aria for Aristide, from the opera Babel 46Soloist and Piano
Arias for JoÒo, from the opera Babel 46Soloist and Piano
Bergerette de la Marquise de Thiviers, from the opera Babel 46Soloist and Piano
Babel 46, opera (vocal score)Soloist and Piano
Madrigal on a catalan folk theme (chamber version)Mixed Trio
DesordreMixed Trio
Folia daliniana (chamber version)Wind Quartet
EufoniaString Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Efímer rèquiem a la tonalitat, , , for violin, viola and celloString Trio
Pregaria a Santiago, for viola and pianoSoloist and Piano
DuettinoString Duet
Invención a la italiana, , , for cello and pianoSoloist and Piano
Microrapsòdia, "A la memoria de Pau Casals", for violonchelo and pianoSoloist and Piano
Hommage to Victoria de los Angeles, for four-hand piano1 Piano - 4 hands
Fanfàrria en homenatge a PicassoWind Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Fantasy over a lutheran choralMixed Duet
Babel, opera in four tableaux (chamber version)Mixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Metamorfosi de concertSoloist and Piano
Sinfonietta-Concerto (piano reduction)Soloist and Piano
Concerto del Albayzín (piano reduction)Soloist and Piano
Una voce in off, operetta romantica (piano reduction)Mixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Hommage à Manolo Hugué (voice and piano)Soloist and Piano
Intermezzo passionalSoloist and Piano
VinyesSoloist and Piano
AlhelíSoloist and Piano
Meus irmansSoloist and Piano
DanseSoloist and Piano
El gato con botas (chamber version) 1996Mixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
Quadrivium for three StradivariusString Trio
Trio for violin, violoncello and pianoPiano trio
Balada y Ritornelo a Dulcinea, for violin, violoncello and pianoPiano trio
L’arca de NoéMixed Ensemble (6 or more instruments)
El gat amb botesVocal Quintet
Petita suite burlescaMixed Quintet
Una voce in off (chamber version)Small Ensembles

For Orchestra

Cant espiritualFull Orchestra
SortilegisFull Orchestra
Folia dalinianaString Orchestra
Madrigal on a catalan folk themeString Orchestra
Euro fanfàrriaFull Orchestra
Don PerlimplínFull Orchestra
Babel 46, opera in four tableaux (full score)Full Orchestra
Calidoscopi simfònicFull Orchestra
Metamorfosi de concert (original symphonic version)Full Orchestra
Metamorfosi de concert (orchestral reduction)Full Orchestra
Sinfonietta-ConcertoString Orchestra
Reflexus-OberturaFull Orchestra
Concerto del AlbayzínFull Orchestra
Concerto del Albayzín (orchestral reduction)Full Orchestra
Simfonia de rèquiemFull Orchestra
Una voce in off operetta romanticaFull Orchestra
Una voce in off, operetta romantica, (recitative and two arias for soprano)String Orchestra
Four variations about a theme of "La flauta mágica"Full Orchestra
Fanfarria para la alegría de la pazFull Orchestra
Hommage à Manolo Hugué, five poems in cantata formFull Orchestra
Hommage à Manolo Hugué (chamber orchestra)Full Orchestra
Mediterranean SymphonyFull Orchestra
Viatge a la llunaFull Orchestra
Tres reflexos sobre una pastoral d’hivernString Orchestra
Viatge a la lluna (chamber version)Chamber Orchestra
Camarera 1860, balletFull Orchestra
Capricho, balletFull Orchestra
Leyenda, balletFull Orchestra
Pastoral, BalletFull Orchestra
Manfred, balletFull Orchestra
La venus d’Elna, balletFull Orchestra

Solo Instrument

Four dialogues with pianoPiano Solo
Alborada en Aurinx, for pianoPiano Solo
Cant Espiritual (vocal score)Piano Solo
Bressoleig / Improviso epilogalPiano Solo
ObstinatOrgan Solo
Studio, balletPiano Solo
Three impromptusPiano Solo
El arca de NoéPiano Solo
Mozartian microcollage, for clarinetClarinet
Pax vobisChoir
Concerto LiberoPiano


OFERTA: Lot 3 CD de Montsalvatge
La meva Girona

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Xavier Montsalvatge
The rebirth of Xavier Montsalvatge

The rebirth of Xavier Montsalvatge

TRITÓ joins tribute with a double-disc reissue released by our label in 2002. It brings together the masterpieces of the composer's catalog (not the most performed).
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Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

As on previous occasions, Tritó will attend this year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse, which takes place from 6 to 9 April. All the information about Tritó has already been published on the fair’s website. Tritó will have a stand displaying the products of
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Upcoming concerts

Upcoming concerts

Maybe you are still not aware that Tritó has a concert schedule, which provides details of all our composers’ musical activity, both around Spain and abroad. To begin with, last week, on the 23 and 25 February, the Oviedo Filarmonía, under the ...
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