El Cant de la Sibil·la

Josep Maria Gregori
AM05009 S solo - coro (SATB - organ

At the beginning of 1400, the tradition of singing the verses of Al jorn del judici in Catalan language during the Christmas Eve service was deeply rooted not only in cathedrals but also in numerous parishes and suburbs of our towns. This fact is bore witness to by sibylline texts, which have survived until today, from the cathedrals of Barcelona, Vic, and Girona, and small places like the parish of St. Andreu del Torn.[...] The purpose of the present edition is to approach and facilitate access to this almost millennial song to singers, choirs and organists that each year, during Christmas Eve, resounds in the parishes in our region before Midnight Mass. In any case, this edition is a critical edition and is not intended to review the musicological transcripts that have been carried out until today.