The Magic Opal, opera in 2 acts

Isaac Albéniz ( 1860 - 1909 )
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TR00869 solos: S2.A1.Mzs1.T2.Br3.B2 coro (SATB) 2[1.2/picc] 222 - 2210 - timp+1 - arp - arch
Walter Aaron Clark, Jacinto Torres
100 Minutes
A fantastic story of pirates, ghosts and impossible love on the shores of Karatol. "Composer Isaac Albéniz (1860-1909) is remembered today for highly original and compelling piano works inspired by Spanish folklore. His loftiest accomplishment remains Iberia, in which he combined a distinctive españolismo with elements of French modernism. However, thanks to the efforts of Spanish musicologists and conductors such as Jacinto Torres and José de Eusebio, Albéniz’s operas are finally gaining the recognition they deserve as remarkable dramatic works containing some of his finest musical inspirations. Nonetheless, one stage work has yet to emerge from obscurity: The Magic Opal, an English operetta composed by Albéniz during his London period. Although not as important or substantial as his operas, it nonetheless merits revival because of its clever and amusing music, its demonstration of Albéniz’s enormous range and versatility as a composer, as well as his i


  1. Janine 31st March 2011

    Excellent Opera. I am looking forward to a performance in the UK.

  2. Julio Samsó 19th January 2011

    Tuve la ocasión de escuchar Magic Opal en versión concierto en Madrid (Febrero de 2010), Ya era hora de que se editara. Espero con ilusión que se grabe el disco y me siento muy agradecido a Tritó por sus esfuerzos para dar a conocer un Albéniz completamente nuevo

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