Pròleg simfònic per a un drama

Cristòfor Taltabull ( 1888 - 1964 )
11 Minutes
"The title Taltabull gives the second of his works (Ouvertüre. Symphonischer Prolog Drama für ein für Orchester. Max Reger gewidmet. Von C. Taltabull. Op 4 [sic] ca. 1909, he was twenty-one years old!)2 is practically the same as one of the last works by his much-admired Max Reger (Symphonischer Prolog zu einer Tragödie, op. 108, 1908). Is it a tribute, an attempt to resemble the ômaestroö, or is it fruit of a mysterious personal impulse, making use of the strange name of Reger’s work to write and present a work of his own, with its own emotional interests and its own musical interests? We will probably never know." Josep Soler

Obertura. Pròleg simfònic per a un drama