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Musicological reviser
Bernat Cabré, Arnau Farré
AM05008 cor 1, 2 o3 v, org
In 1968, as a posthumous tribute, the publisher house Boileau published some works of the Catalan composer Cristòfor Taltabull. In order to complete this important section of the Taltabull’s production, TRITÓ presents this volume of religious choral music published under the supervision of Bernat Cabré and Arnau Farré. The interest of the issue seems undeniable, starting with the fact that most of the works published are unedited. We must also add the incentive to offer compositions of four years of youth. As for the editing criteria, respects Taltabull writing, even in cases where it was not very idiomatic. Finally, we have included as an annex to the complete Gregorian Salve with organ accompaniment which currently is sung in Montserrat.