Prelude, Recitative and Fugue

Josep Cercós ( 1925 - 1989 )
TR00174 pf solo
Miquel Alsina
14 Minutes
Of the piano works from what we might call his early period, his Preludi, recitatiu i fuga (Prelude, Recitative and Fugue) is clearly influenced by his study with Cristòfor Taltabull (1888-1964), one of the major figures in Catalan music in the second half of the XXth century due in part to his importance as a teacher. This work assumes prior acquaintance with certain historical precedences, especially with two piano works by César Franck, which like Cercós’s piece, are both in three sections. Franck’s Prelude, Coral and Fugue (1884) and his Prelude, Aria and Finale (1887) are works which Cercós performed regularly and appeared on concerts given by the group Cercle Manuel de Fall (1947-ca.1957) which first met at the Institute Français in Barcelona and of which Cercós was a founding member.