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DT00093 S - 3[1.2.pic] 3[] 3[1.2.clb] 2 - 4330 - timp+3 - pf - archi
vib.crot(C.D.E] cym
30 Minutes
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Composed with the idea of applying sonorous resources with absolute freedom to a spiritualised feeling, the work dispenses with liturgical orthodoxy to bring out the most profound and vital message, between poignant and celestial, resorting to the orchestra and solo only at the end, using the epilogical lyric intoned by a soprano: Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine.... Amen.

1. Introitus

2. Kyrie

3. Dies Irae

4. Agnus Dei

5. Lux Aeterna

6. Libera me