Orchèsographie. Organistrum Ensemble

Toinot Arbeau
Orchèsographie. Organistrum Ensemble
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DD02642 Organistrum Ensemble: Burckhard Damman, Guillem Fornés, Bernardí Martorell, Xurxo Romaní, Xose Sancho, Soledad Sánchez
68 Minutes
Organistrum Ensemble is a group from Barcelona devoted to studying and playing medieval and renaissance music. The album Orchesographie registered on the occasion of the group’s 10th anniversary, includes a selection of pieces contained in the treatise of dances published by Thoinot Arbeau in 1598 in France. This CD is intended for an audience interested in early music. At the same time it is meant to be a useful tool for students, teachers and researchers of renaissance dance, as it pays particular attention to issues such as tempi, length of pieces, number of repetitions and instrumentation of the large variety of dances.


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