7 Fables of La Fontaine (orchestral version)

Xavier Benguerel ( 1931 - 2017 )
TR00073 nar - 2222 - 2210 - perc - archi
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Xavier Benguerel
28 Minutes
These seven pieces are based on seven of the best known fables by Jean de La Fontaine, the great seventeenth century French poet, in translations by the writer Xavier Benguerel Llobet, father of the composer. In this work, the narration alternates with musical illustrations played by a group of ten musicians. The texts of the fables are presented here in Spanish, Catalan, French, and English. A chamber version, prepared by the composer, is also available on hire.


  1. 12 NOTAS 30th November 0001

    "La música de Xavier Benguerel pinta estos relatos con efectividad colorista y un sabio uso de los instrumentos, tanto a solo como en pequeños grupos"