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Musicological reviser
Eugenio Tobalina
TR01186 guitar
Of Basque descent and a member of a well-known and influential merchant family with liberal tendencies, Leopoldo de Urcullu was born in Cádiz on 17 May 1797. There is no record of his childhood or his education, but we do know that in 1814 his father was a well-known trader in La Coruña. As far as his music is concerned, his most valuable legacy is certainly the material in this publication. It constitutes a brief but very interesting catalogue, which in both musical and instrumental terms presents some peculiarities worth drawing attention to. This edition contains all the known original music composed by Leopoldo de Urcullu. All the articulations, dynamics, fingerings and so on are his original ones. We have updated the writing of the accents in those cases where this articulation is evident musically. With regard to the treatment of the parts, we have respected the original notation except in some special cases. These exceptions and any other modifications to the original sc