Domènec Terradellas / Josep Fàbrega

Domènec Terradellas (1713 - 1751) (bio)
Josep Fàbrega

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Period:Baroque Music
Composer:Domènec Terradellas (1713 - 1751) (bio)
Josep Fàbrega
Artist/s:Concerto Brandenburg, Gregor Dubuclet
Duration:56 min
Number of Discs:1
Published in:1998
Label:La mà de Guido
Content:TERRADELLAS: Overture from Sesostri, Fra l’ombre del timore, Quel sasso, Duet for two sopranos, strings and continuo, Nocturna procella, Tradita sprezzata
FÀBREGA: Symphony in C major
Domènec Terradellas / Josep Fàbrega
Domènec Terradellas,
Josep Fàbrega

Price: 14.52 €
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