Albes & Danses.Música simfònica de la Renaixença

Felip Pedrell (1841 - 1922)
Josep Rodoreda (1851 - 1922)
Amadeu Vives

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"The history of the consolidation of orchestral activity in the Barcelona of the last quarter of the nineteenth century is known well enough: In a society primarily interested in opera and little accustomed to instrumental music the public was only attracted by the sounds of a well-trained orchestra if it offered spectacular programmes. This is why the standing of symphonic music in Catalonia at that time was so irregular. What was not irregular, though, was the creative capacity of Catalan composers, because, to one extent or another, all of them had had the opportunity to listen to live performances of the most important works of the age and the most evocative ones from earlier periods." Xosé Aviñoa

The "Renaixença" was a cultural movement that had its greatest expansion in the second half of the XIXth century had as its main purpose as literiaria recover the Catalan language and vindicate other areas of popular culture.

This album provides a sample of unknown repertoire (We do not know any previous recordings of these works) and reflects the aesthetics of the Renaixença.

Genre:Instrumental, Orchestral
Period:Romantic Music, 20th Century Music
Composer:Felip Pedrell (1841 - 1922)
Josep Rodoreda (1851 - 1922)
Amadeu Vives
Artist/s:Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya. dir. Jaime Martín
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2014
Content:Felip Pedrell
Lo cant de la muntanya
Escenes simfòniques

1. Preludi - Albada
2. L’aplec - Pregaria
3. La festa (cançons i danses)

Josep Rodoreda
La primavera
Poema simfònic

4. Sortida del sol
5. La festa de maig
6. La primera rosa
7. Sardana
8. Himne d’amor de la naturalesa

Felip Pedrell
9. Preludi de Quasimodo

Antoni Nicolau
Suite de l’òpera còmica Un rapto

10. Obertura
11. Ronda d enit
12. Tanda de valsos

Amadeu Vives
13. Euda d’Uriach: Ballet de les bruixes
Albes & Danses.Música simfònica de la Renaixença
Felip Pedrell,
Josep Rodoreda,
Amadeu Vives

Price: 12.04 €
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