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18 Minutes
The score you have in your hands, with the orchestration by Benet Casablancas of five of the emblematic Songs and Dances, was written in 1979 under the watchful eye of Mompou, counting on his warm approval and support, and some specific advice. It was subsequently revised in summer 2007. The premiere took place in Sabadell on April 8 of the same year in the presence of Mompou and his good friend Montsalvatge, among other personalities, and it was performed by the Orquestra de Cambra de Joventuts Musicals de Sabadell under the baton of Benet Casablancas. Lasting approximately eighteen minutes, this work was originally conceived with the essentially educational purpose of expanding the repertoire available to the orchestras of music schools and music conservatories by means of music of high quality, as represented by Mompou, with a rich harmonic and personal language. The idea was that its level of difficulty and the number of musicians needed would facilitate its performance by student orchestras while its artistic value might also arouse the interest of professional orchestras. The choice and order of the pieces and the style of the orchestration itself take into account this twofold purpose.


  1. sunrise 24th January 2015


  2. landscape 15th January 2013