3 Simfonies Concertants

Franz Danzi ( 1763 - 1826 )
3 Simfonies Concertants
Price: 12.04 €
TD00061 Sir Neville Marriner, Orquestra de Cadaqués
57 Minutes
The Sinfonia concertante was one of the most popular instrumental genres among the European public during the late Classical period. Thus, composer-instrumentalists who were either French or living in Paris became leading figures; musicians such as Devienne. The sinfonias concertantes only differed from the conventional concertos of the same period in that they featured more than one soloist and had a lighter, more carefree character. With this recording the Cadaqués Orchestra presents the first CD ever to feature all three of Franz Danzi’s sinfonias concertantes.


  1. Carlos de Matesanz, OPUS MÚSICA 30th November 0001

    "absolutamente recomendable para todo tipo de público..."

  2. Albert Ferrer Flamarich, CAT CLÀSSIC 30th November 0001

    "Una vegada més l’ Orquestra de Cadaqués i Sir Neville Marriner ofereixen una lectura de la màxima qualitat, al costat dels solistes espanyols que participen amb un idiomatisme i alt nivell tècnic i expressiu."

  3. Blas Matamoro, DIVERDI 30th November 0001

    "Muchas gracias, susurramos en el túnel del tiempo. La distancia amplifica nuestras voces. La música tiene estas cosas"

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