Obra completa para órgano vol I

Manuel Castillo ( 1927 - 2005 )
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Musicological reviser
José Enrique Ayarra Jarne
DT00771 orgue
José Enrique Ayarra Jarne
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It is a pleasure to welcome the publication of this first volume of the organ works of the Manuel Castillo, both for their excellent quality and for the valuable contribution made by his legacy to the 20th century Spanish organ repertoire. Manuel Castillo, was also -in the words of Tomás Marco- "the Spanish composer of his generation who wrote the most works for the organ, and also the best ones". His first work for the organ, which he titled Suite para órgano (Suite for organ) was dedicated to Federico Sopeña, and composed in 1956. It is a piece for the harmonium, without obligatory pedal and written on two staves. José Enrique Ayarra transcribed and performed the score for grand organ in 1980. Elevación was written in 1957. It is evident the French influence and it was also written for the harmonium and later transcribed for organd and inspired on the grand organ of the Cathedral of Seville. In 1960 he wrote the Fantasía "Hi accipient" consists of a series of variations on