Flute Concerto in B flat major (IV-2)
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Musicological reviser
Josep Dolcet
DT00006 fl - archi - bc
16 Minutes
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The concerto for flute and strings by Manuel Pla ia a typical concerto in the galant style between the old baroque structures and the new air of the Classical era. The main theme lacks the aggressiveness and the rythmic quadrature of the Italian concertos of the first half of the century, while it shows more melodic flexibility which, together with the grace of its twists and ornaments, identifies it wholly with the music of the rococo period. In the development of the musical flowing, the contrapuntistic handling is left to noe side in order to put all the emphasis on melodic inentiveness and above all on virtuoso figurations in the soloist’s part. Even so, the demands made in this last respect are not at all as high as in the rest of the Pla brothers concertante music, , nor boldness of melodic invention which remains at quite a conventional level.

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