Una voce in off, operetta romantica (piano reduction)

Xavier Montsalvatge
Una voce in off, operetta romantica (piano reduction)


Una voce in off, operetta romantica (piano reduction)

1. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 1

2. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 2

3. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 3

4. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 4

5. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 5

6. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 6

7. Francisco Tárrega: Preludio 7

8. Claude Debussy: Deuxième Arabesque

9. Jaume Pahissa: Cançó en el mar

10. Manuel de Falla: Homenaje a Debussy

11. Manuel de Falla: Romance del pescador, de elAmor Brujo

12. Manuel de Falla: Canción del Fuego Fatuo, de el Amor Brujo

13. Ernesto Halffter: Peacock-Pie 1

14. Ernesto Halffter: Peacock-Pie 2

15. Ernesto Halffter: Peacock-Pie 3

16. José María Franco: Romanza

17. Vicente Arregui: Canción lejana

18. Gaspar Cassadó: Catalanesca

19. Adolfo Salazar: Romancillo

20. Pedro Sanjuán: Una leyenda

21: Isaac Albéniz: Córdoba

Girona ( 1912 ) - Barcelona ( 2002 )

Xavier Montsalvatge is one of the most representitive names from the so-called "lost generation", between the one of the Spanish Republic and present-day composers. His work has had a large international projection and has become a reference point on the contemporary music scene. He first gained wide spread recognition in the 1940s with a set of songs called Cinco Canciones Negras (1945); they mark the beginning of a Post-Nationalistic period that later evolved into his so-called "Antilles style" featuring West Indian/Carribean stylistic traits. This is one of the common denominators in works like the Cuarteto Indiano (1951). The Concierto Breve (1953) for piano and orchestra points to the beginning of more abstract forms. The influence of Impressionism is present in the-Sonatine pour Ivette (1960)- or the use of serial-related techniques in the following works: Cinco Invocaciones al Crucificado (1969), Laberinto (1970) for orquestra, and Son...


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Una voce in off, operetta romantica (piano reduction)