Música del no ésser

Ramon Humet (1968 - ) (bio)

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This album is the first recording of the four pieces from Música del no ésser and the Concert per a piano i conjunt instumental.

The music of Ramon Humet is based on the Japanese philosophy and musical tradition. These features are evidet with a colorful description and full of subtlety in Música del no ésser .

Another great interest in the composer is the concertante style. In Concert per a piano i conjunt instrumental, an commisioned work by the BCN216 instrumental ensemble, Ramon Humet displays his talent and instrumental qualities.

Genre:Instrumental, Orchestral
Period:21th Century Music
Composer:Ramon Humet (1968 - ) (bio)
Artist/s:Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya, Manel Valdivieso (dir), Orquesta de Cámara del Auditorio de Zaragoza, Juan José Olives (dir), OBC, Pablo González (dir, Grup instrumental BCN216, Jordi Masí (piano), Ernest Martínez Izquierdo (dir)
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2012
Content:1-4. Música del no ésser
[1]. Sol de primavera
[2]. Vent transparent
[3]. Blancor de neu
[4]. Núvols brillants

4. Concert per a piano i conjunt instrumental "And the world was calm"
Música del no ésser
Ramon Humet
Price: 12.04 €
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