Mompou - Montsalvatge / Ginastera: Don Perlimplín - Estancia

Xavier Montsalvatge (1912 - 2002) (bio)
Alberto Ginastera (1916 - 1983)
Frederic Mompou (1893 - 1987) (bio)

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The ballet Don Perlimplín was the result of close collaboration between composers Frederic Mompou and Xavier Montsalvatge. After its premiere the work was not performed again until 1992, when the Cadaqués Orchestra revived it at the Festival Castell de Peralada. This is quite possibly the only available recording of the orchestral version. It is performed by the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España under the baton of Gianandrea Noseda. The ballet Estancia, by the Argentinean composer Alberto Ginastera, introduces elements with traditional roots to strengthen the storyline. The common ground shared by the two pieces as regards genre and style gives the album greater cohesion. The recordings were made live at the Auditorio in Zaragoza in 1998.

Genre:Instrumental, Chamber, Orchestral, Folk Music
Period:Romantic Music, 20th Century Music
Composer:Xavier Montsalvatge (1912 - 2002) (bio)
Alberto Ginastera (1916 - 1983)
Frederic Mompou (1893 - 1987) (bio)
Artist/s:JONDE, Gianandrea Noseda
Duration:44 min
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2002
Content:Frederic Mompou / Xavier Montsalvatge

Don Perlimplín, ballet sobre una obra de Federico García Lorca:
1. Prélude-Des jeunes filles se promènent-Marcolfa
2. Chanson de Belisa au balcon-Cortège de Perlimplin et Belissa
3. Adage (pas de deux) de Perlimplin et Belissa
4. Danse des Hommes des cinq races
5. Belisa somnambule
6. Intermezzo
7. Aubade-Perlimplin se reveille cocu
8. Panaderos populaires
9. Entrée de l’amant et Adage avec Belisa
10. Mort de l’amant

Alberto Ginastera
Danses del ballet Estancia, op.8a:
11. Los trabajadores agrícolas
12. Danza del trigo
13. Los peones de hacienda
14. Danza final, Malambo
Mompou - Montsalvatge / Ginastera: Don Perlimplín - Estancia
Xavier Montsalvatge,
Alberto Ginastera,
Frederic Mompou

Price: 12.04 €
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