En Pere Gallerí - Bella companyia

Robert de la Riba (1912 - 1999)

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style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB">The six sardanas were originally written for Cobla by the father of Robert Riba. For this edition has requested the collaboration of Manuel Oltra and Jordi Leon who made a careful review.
There are later versions for different arrangements (vocal, instrumental or mixed) made for Robert de la Riba. The two sardanas included in this volume were also adapted. En Pere Gallery was later adapted for soprano and piano and refers to the river Francolí of Tarragona. There is a version for choir and chamber orchestra of Bella Companya, a Sardana which reminds family experiences of the composer.

The publication of the Six Sardanes for Cobla, wish to make a particular contribution to the 20th century repertoire of sardanas available to the coblas, the specialists, and the admirers of his genre.

Ensembles:Cobla (Catalonia)
Genres:Sardana and Cobla
Formats:Score and Parts
Composer:Robert de la Riba (1912 - 1999)
Prologue:Josep Maria Gregori
Editorial preface:Josep María Gregori

1- En Pere Gallerí

2- Bella Companya

En Pere Gallerí - Bella companyia
Robert de la Riba
Price: 16.64 €
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