Brahms: The 4 Symphonies

Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) (bio)

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The Cadaqués Orchestra took up the challenge of making the first recording of these complete works with magnificent results, on a par with the key recordings of this repertoire. The recording was a difficult test both artistically and technically, but it will surprise and please both connoisseurs of this repertoire and newcomers exploring it for the first time. In order to reproduce the original sound of the symphonies, the orchestra performed them with the same number of string instruments as they were originally scored for, since nineteenth-century orchestras had far fewer members than modern ensembles. While contemporary orchestras are generally made up of 54 to 64 musicians, those in Brahms’s time had only 30 to 34. Thus, the balance with the wind section makes it possible to perceive the incredible contrapuntal fabric of these compositions more clearly.
Live recording in Zaragoza of the four symphonies by the romantic composer.

Genre:Instrumental, Orchestral
Period:Romantic Music
Composer:Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) (bio)
Artist/s:Orquestra de Cadaqués - Dir. Gianandrea Noseda
Number of Discs:2
Published in:2008
1-4 Sinfonía num. 1 en Do m. op.68
5-8 Sinfonía num. 3 en Fa M. op. 90
1-4 Sinfonía num. 2 en Re M. op. 73
Sinfonía num. 4 en Mi m. op.98
Brahms: The 4 Symphonies
Johannes Brahms
Price: 18.09 €
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