Una voce in off operetta romantica

Xavier Montsalvatge ( 1912 - 2002 )
Una voce in off operetta romantica
DT00095 V solos (SATB) - 2[1.2/pic] 2[1.2/ci] 3[1.2.clb] 1 - 2230, timp+2 - pf - arp - archi
60 Minutes
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"Angela, a rich widow who believed herself despised by her husband, finds a recording tape recorded by him confessing to her that he was adoring her and that he did not have value to say it to her .... " this way it begins the argument of this wonderful romantic "Operetta in un atto e tre secene per due personaggi and mezzo " released on December 13, 1962 in the Great Theatre of the Lyceum of Barcelona.

1. Prólogo

2. Sentimi, Angela

3. Tardiva stravaganza

4. Oh, Mario!

5. Sentimi, Angela

6. Perchè? Perchè?

7.Sentimi, Mario

8. Intermezzo- Ah, trema la tua voce

9. (Si ode la voce di Angela)

10. Sempre cosí

11. Angela perfida

12. Claudio, Claudio, sempre Claudio

13. Sentimi, Angela

14. Intermezzo- Ah, trema la tua voce

15. Recitato

16. Mario, che stai facendo

17. Mi fai orrore

18. Angela, sei stata mia

19. Sentimi, Angela - Claudio, non ti comprendo