Pepita Jiménez
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Musicological reviser
Borja Mariño
105 Minutes
What we present in this occasion there isn’t a second edition of TRITÓ opera Pepita Jiménez de Albéniz. We liked to present a different edition of the version that we published a few years ago under the specialist José de Eusebio. This time the editor is Borja Mariño who worked from the score of the second version premiered in Prague in 1896 (the version edited by José de Eusebio was based on the third edition published by Breitkopf house of 1904). There are some substantial differences in the orchestration. Less relevant discrepances we find in the instrumental staff. The text is in English in both versions. The edition by Borja Mariño will be premiered in the Teatro Argentino de la Plata on the next October.


  1. Albert Joos 22nd August 2013

    I don't understand why a new edition of the second versión of this opera. Is it really that different from the third and last versión?