Musicological reviser
Marie Winkelmüller
70 Minutes
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This edition is based on the original version of the Three String Quartets which is now in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris (K 2263). We can only speculate as to the publication of the Three String Quartets. The only clue we have comes from Fétis,9 but this date cannot be verified. However, they were certainly published during the composer’s lifetime, as attested to in the catalogue which the publisher Petit brought out in 1826. These quartets were considered to be inspired by the stimulating experience of Baillot’s chamber music concerts and, most certainly were specifically composed for those occasions. With this background information, it is possible to date Arriaga’s Op. 1 exactly.


  1. RITMO 30th November 0001

    Sus obras son tan impecables desde el punto de vista formal (especialmente el primero y el tercero [de los cuartetos]) como anacrónicas desde una perspectiva puramente estilística.