Tango in D major

Isaac Albéniz
Tango  in D major
  • Ensembles: Full Orchestra
  • Genres: Classical Music
  • Instrumentation: 2 2[1.ci] 2 2 - 2200 - 1perc - archi
  • Percussion: cabasa
  • Duration: 3 Minutes
  • Reference: TR00211

Camprodon ( 1860 ) - Cambo-les-bains ( 1909 )

A piano virtuoso and a composer whose works are a paradigm of Romanticism at its most exalted and powerful, Isaac Albéniz was constantly engaged in seeking a symbiosis between the exoticism of Spanish music and the most advanced tendencies of contemporary French music. In fact, he brought the nationalist aesthetic to universal heights with his great late works for piano, whose scope extends far beyond the folk-like anecdotal character of salon music.