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Josep Soler, in memoriam

Josep Soler, in memoriam

Closely linked to our publisher, we had the opportunity to collaborate on the publication of some of his works and also on disc recordings. Josep Soler trained musically in Paris with René Leibowitz and continued his studies with Cristòfor Taltabull, two figures thanks to whom he was able to learn the elements that most interested him in contemporary composition. In the 60s he was one of the promoters of contemporary music in Barcelona, ​​and has been the teacher of many members of the younger generation of Catalan composers, first from the Conservatorio Municipal de Barcelona, ​​and since 1980 as director of the Conservatorio from Badalona.

Member of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi, Josep Soler has also distinguished himself as an essayist and has written important reflections on musical aesthetics

With a compositional catalog of more than 150 works, including seven symphonies and more than a dozen operas, Soler was awarded the National Music Prize of Catalonia in 2001 and the National Music Prize of Spain in 2009