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The “Organ music in Catalonia” Collection

We are pleased to present the new collection "Organ music in Catalonia", a series of albums focusing on organ music written by Catalan composers and others who worked mainly in Catalonia: Fray Antonio Martín y Coll, Gabriel Menalt, Francesc Espelt and Josep Teixidor are some of the composers whose works can be found on the first two CDs in this series. The first album, Catalan Organ Music XVI-XVII c., focuses on the Baroque repertoire, but linking it to the first examples of keyboard music written by Catalan composers. The CD features a recently published repertoire, including the Mass Versets by Francesc Espelt, and other works whose scores are about to be published on the Tritó label, all played by Andrés Cea. The scores of the works on the second CD, Catalan Organ Music XVIII-XIX c., are published by Tritó Edicions, except the “Glosas” by Teixidor and the pieces by Ponti. You can find information about both CDs and audio samples here: Catalan Organ Music XVI-XVII c. Catalan Organ Music XVIII-XIX c.