Joan Guinjoan (1931 - ) (bio)

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Genre:Instrumental, Chamber
Period:20th Century Music, 21th Century Music
Composer:Joan Guinjoan (1931 - ) (bio)
Artist/s:Gerard Claret, violí
Lluís Claret, violoncel
Josep M. Colom, piano
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2004
Label:Fundación Autor
Content:1. Verbum (Genoma in musica),áfor piano
2. Cadenza,áfor violoncello
3. Recordant Albéniz, for piano
4. Tensió, for violin
5. Jondo, for piano
6. Elegía (monodia) for violoncello
7. Aniversari, for violináand violoncello
8. Passim Trio, for violin, violoncello and pianoá
Joan Guinjoan
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