TOLDRÀ: Suite en Mi / GARRETA: Concert per a violí i orquestra

Juli Garreta (1875 - 1925)
Eduard Toldrà (1895 - 1962) (bio)

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After the hit of the CD Impressions Simfòniques by Juli Garreta, TRITÓ along with the Orquestra Sinfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya, output this new record production.

In this case, we wanted to offer a sample of catalan symphonism from the startings of the 20th century with highly representative pieces, though not widespread internationally until now.

One of the first pieces, the Concert for violin and orchestra by Juli Garreta, we don’t have evidence that it was recorded before this CD. It seems to be the last music piece of this composer, now performed by the first time after 50 years.

The Suite in Mi is the first orchestral work of Toldrà and it was performed in 1919, but this is the first record of the piece. It’s a work that gets to combine successfully a romantic nacionalist style with tradicional elements from the catalan music and dance.

Genre:Instrumental, Orchestral
Period:Romantic Music, 20th Century Music
Composer:Juli Garreta (1875 - 1925)
Eduard Toldrà (1895 - 1962) (bio)
Artist/s:Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya - Jaime Martín, dir. - Santiago de Juan, violí
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2012
Content:Juli Garreta (1875-1925)
Concert per a violí i orquestra
1. A poc a poc - De pressa moderat
2. A poc a poc
3. A poc a poc - Cadença - De pressa

Eduard Toldrà (1895-1962)
1. Allegro vivace e giocoso
2. Allegretto non troppo mosso
3. Andante un poco mosso
4. Allegro con brio
TOLDRÀ: Suite en Mi / GARRETA: Concert per a violí i orquestra
Juli Garreta,
Eduard Toldrà

Price: 12.04 €
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