TOLDRÀ: Suite en Mi / GARRETA: Concert per a violí i orquestra

Juli Garreta ( 1875 - 1925 )
Eduard Toldrà ( 1895 - 1962 )
TOLDRÀ: Suite en Mi / GARRETA: Concert per a violí i orquestra
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TD00093 Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya - Jaime Martín, dir. - Santiago de Juan, violí
After the hit of the CD Impressions Simfòniques by Juli Garreta, TRITÓ along with the Orquestra Sinfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya, output this new record production. In this case, we wanted to offer a sample of catalan symphonism from the startings of the 20th century with highly representative pieces, though not widespread internationally until now. One of the first pieces, the Concert for violin and orchestra by Juli Garreta, we don’t have evidence that it was recorded before this CD. It seems to be the last music piece of this composer, now performed by the first time after 50 years. The Suite in Mi is the first orchestral work of Toldrà and it was performed in 1919, but this is the first record of the piece. It’s a work that gets to combine successfully a romantic nacionalist style with tradicional elements from the catalan music and dance.


  1. Malcolm 30th November 0001

    Muchas gracias for sending my CD order so quickly. I wanted to tell you that all the music was wonderful; brilliantly played and recorded. Thank you Trito for the recordings of the Garreta compositions. What a shame that in the UK this music, as well as the glorious symphonies of Breton, are unknown.

  2. Dennis S 30th November 0001

    My copy of the Trito disc has just arrived and I am really looking forward to hearing Garreta's VC later today! I ordered the CD merely based on the comments made in this thread and hopefully I too will the music just as wonderful.


  1. Juan Carlos Moreno, RITMO 28th May 2013

    Las buenas interpretaciones redondean un trabajo ejemplar en favor del patrimonio musical.

  2. Jaume Comellas - REVISTA MUSICAL CATALANA 30th November 0001

    Les versions tenen la qualitat de traduir i entendre bé el tarannà essencial de les composicions sense més, però cal fer esment del superlatiu treball del violinista Santiago Juan en el concert de Garreta.

  3. Albert Ferrer Flamarich, CATCLASSICS 30th November 0001

    La captació de so és qualitativa i tant l’OBC, Santiago Juan al violí, com els directors Jaime Martín i Miquel Ortega realitzen un excel·lent treball. Els intèrprets ofereixen lectures acurades en la correlació tècnica i expressiva amb la resultant d’un discurs equilibrat, clar i directe.

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