This recording is a collection of pieces of extraordinary quality, inexcusably unknown until now. I hope this CD will help give them the exposure they deserve and that clarinettists and teachers will include them in their repertoire in the not too distant future.

These works are linked by a crucial historical circumstance in Spain: the post-war period and its disastrous consequences for the cultural and artistic life of the country, a fact that obviously explains in large part why they almost fell into oblivion.

Genre:Instrumental, Chamber
Period:20th Century Music
Composer:Robert Gerhard (1896 - 1970) (bio)
Rodolfo Halffter (1900 - 1987)
Julián Menéndez
Julián Bautista (1901 - 1961)
Jesús Bal y Gay
Artist/s:Joan Enric Lluna, clarinete - Juan Carlos Garvayo, piano - Mirabai Rosenfield
Duration:67 min
Number of Discs:1
Published in:2015
Content:Julián Bautista
1. Fantasía española

Robert Gerhard
2. Sonata
3. Andantino
4. Estudio para el film Secret People

Julián Menéndez
5. Estudio de concierto nº 1
6. Estudio de concierto nº 2
7. Estudio de concierto nº 6

Rodolfo Halffter
8. Égloga

Jesús Bal y Gay
9. Alelgro
10. Adagio-Allegretto-Adagio
11. Adagio-Allegro
Música Española en el Exilio
Robert Gerhard,
Rodolfo Halffter,
Julián Menéndez,
Julián Bautista,
Jesús Bal y Gay

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