És quan canto que hi veig clar

Antoni Miralpeix (1960 - )

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Miralpeix Antoni, musician and educator with extensive experience in choral conducting and music pedagogy as a teacher,offers us a collection of songs for voices alone (white or mixed), songs with instrumental accompaniment, excerpts from cantatas for children, canons witihout or with accompanying and quodlibets.

The texts were written by several Spanish poets (Jaume Bofill, Antoni Busquets, Pere Calders, Josep Carner, Francesc Danish, Miquel Martí i Pol, Miquel Creus, Gavaldà Lluís Miquel Martí, Joan Oliver, Pere Ribot and Pialr Torrent) and the author of this book.
The title song book is a paraphrase of the title of the poem by Josep Vicenç Foix, it is the verse that never existed but which gave rise to this volume.

Instruments:Voice Solo, Choir, Piano Accompaniment
Ensembles:Women's Choir
Genres:Methods, Children's Music
Levels:Beginner, Easy
Subject:History by Geographic location
Published in:2009
First published in:2009

El gat i la granota
Tots cantem
Cançó de la rebelòlió
Cançó de l’arròs
Vull pa amb xocolata (sense pa)
Xocolata desfeta
L’estel perdut
Consells bestials
El secret
Vindrem Infant
La gata i el belitre
Rellotge de l’any


Joc de fer la truita
Tren d’altra velocitat
Nota biogràfica
Negre fosc
Quin fred que fa!
Amb pijama i frac
La rata pinyada
La sardana
Ball rodó de la bicicleta
De nou tot neix
Quan cantem fem un món millor
Bon dia, Pachelbel!
Amanida catalana I
Amanida catalana II
Amanida catalana III
Amanida catalana IV
Amanida variada I
Amanida variada II
Condiments de les amanides
Acompanyaments de les amanides
És quan canto que hi veig clar
Antoni Miralpeix
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És quan canto que hi veig clar by Antoni Miralpeix 18.62 €
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