It has been long time since shawm’s world wants to go further from his current traditional role. Nowadays, its music is open to any kind of ideas. Shawm players and drummers, without stopping our job on the streets, are also exploring new artistic paths, and we’re doing it with different points of view. Everything lets a group of shawm players grow in many levels, and it opens new musical horizons.

Inside this fizzle, we the Canya d’Or want to make the step forward and introduce you Viratges (Turns), our very first CD. As the name says, we present a musical turn which leads us to new sound territories we like, and that haven’t been frequented for the shawm players yet. Along with us, some friends have joined us, great and known musicians whose have accepted the challenge to combine their instruments and voices along with our shawms and timpany. With this CD you will enjoy all the color "viratges" they have given.

The repertoire you will listen is as assorted as the musicians: a cumbia, a salsa, a bolero, klezmer music, a musette vals with little drops of jazz, balkan rythms, early musicà A whole taste of musical genres arranged by Josep Maria Mayol, who has been moving to staves all the musical turns we have given him for years.

So, we leave you with Viratges, a recording work with which we want to celebrate the 15th birthday of Canya d’Or, and help you imagine how a shawm’s group will be in the near future.

Canya d’Or

Genre:Instrumental, Vocal, Folk Music, Ethnic Music
Period:Renaissance Music, 20th Century Music, 21th Century Music
Composer:Mateu Fletxa "el vell" (1481 - 1553) (bio)
Lluís Llach Grande (1948 - )
Vittorio Monti
Jaume Aguza (1978 - )
Tomasz Lato
Luigi Guglielmi
Xavier Ciurans
Canya d’Or
Artist/s:Jaume Aguza, Josep Maria Pérez, Oriol Nicolau Titus Prats, David Rincón
Number of Discs:1
Content:1. La Mirada d’en Marcello
2. Time
3. Mahala
4. Augusta
5. La tumbona
6. La bomba: "Ande, pues, nuestro apellido"
7. Czardas
8. Cerezo rosa
9. Cúmbia de la Festa Major
Canya d’or. Viratges
Mateu Fletxa "el vell",
Lluís Llach Grande,
Vittorio Monti,
Jaume Aguza,
Tomasz Lato,
Luigi Guglielmi,
Xavier Ciurans,
Canya d’Or

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