Músiques del temps, vol. II. Repertori per a gralla dels Ganxets.
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AM03037 3 grallas
After the publication of Músiques del Temps vol. I, Els Ganxets was collecting more musical repertoire for gralla. The pieces collected in this volume are the result of five years of work from the publication of the first volume:studied music, special compositions ordered to some composers and collected pieces of any difficulty. In the first section are pieces suitable for youth training and school ensembles. In the second section, there are traditional pieces. The third part is a collection of pieces of popular and new creation. The fourth part presents concert pieces together that could not be published in the first volume. With this volume Els Ganxets give us another gift closer in its educational work about of the Catalan repertoire.


  1. Daniel F. 29th May 2013

    Un gran recull de partitures d'un gran grup. Gràcies Ganxets!

  2. Joan S. 15th January 2011

    Ganxets, gràcies per compartir aquest material.

  3. Geroni M. 7th December 2010

    Per fi!!!