Flute Concerto, op. 72 (Sonata no. 2) (orchestral version)

Salvador Brotons
Flute Concerto, op. 72 (Sonata no. 2) (orchestral version)
  • Composition: 1996
  • Instruments: Flute
  • Ensembles: Full Orchestra
  • Genres: Classical Music
  • Instrumentation: fl solo - 1121 - 1000 - 2perc - archi
  • Percussion: vib.glock.sd.tom.hi-hat.sus cym(sm).xyl.bd.td.woodblk
  • Duration: 22 Minutes
  • Reference: TR00057


Flute Concerto, op. 72 (Sonata no. 2) (orchestral version)

1. Primer movimiento

2. Segundo movimiento

3. Tercer movimiento

4. Cuarto movimiento

Barcelona ( 1959 )

Salvador Brotons studied flute, composition and conducting at Barcelona Conservatory. In 1985 he moved to the USA where he undertook Doctorate degree in music at the Florian State University. He has written a wide range of works for orchestra, chamber and vocal music, and has been awarded numerous prizes (amongst them the Reina Sofía award). His divides his time now between composing and conducting. He has conducted numerous orchestras, mainly in Spain and the USA....