Llibre Vermell
  • Instruments: Mezzo-Soprano Voice, Tenor Voice, Choir
  • Ensembles: SATB, Full Orchestra
  • Genres: Classical Music
  • Instrumentation: V solo [Mzs.T] coro [SATB] - coro vb - 3333 - 4221 - timp+3 - pf - cel - archi
  • Percussion: vib.2gong.2tom.tam.marim.glock.crot.chimes.3woodblk.2cym.whip.guiro.tambn.bd.slgh-bells.3tri.2bong.5templeblks.claves.sd.2ratch
  • Duration: 110 Minutes
  • Reference: TR00246

Barcelona ( 1931 - 2017 )

His family went into exile to Santiago de Chile in 1940 as a result of the Spanish Civil War. He himself returned to Barcelona in 1954 to join what was known as the ’51 Generation and began his studies with Cristòfor Taltabull - though he really should be considered a self-taught composer. He quickly became associated with the neo-classic tendencies of composers such as Bartók or Stravinsky, and a short time later he was also to follow those of the Viennese School. He wrote Cantata d’amic e amat (Cantata of friendship and love), which incorporates serialist techniques, in 1959. His music has been widely recorded.